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De Naga : Chaing Mai

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Air's Thai Culinary Kitchen

Established in 2004 by Mr. Chanrat ‘Air’ Karatna, the kitchen classroom of Air’s Thai Culinary Kitchen is surrounded by herb and spice gardens, which are used during the course of the classes.

Bird Watching

Chiang Mai is an important bird watching destination. Doi Inthanon forms the southern end of the Himalayan range and is home to approximately 364 species of birds, many of which are not seen elsewhere in the country. During the period from November to February is the best time for bird watching.

Chiang Mai Cookery School

The school offers one, two- or three-day cooking classes in English. Classes include northern-style lunch, where students will learn the etiquette of eating at the unique khan toke table.

Mountain Biking

There are 2 scenic routes that start from Doi Inthanon and end at Ob Luang George, but will go via Mae Chaem. The first route is approximately 20 kilometres and is strictly for experienced mountain bikers. While the second route, which 30 kilometre long, is more suited for bikers of intermediate skills and higher.

The Sky Experience Tour by The Spirit of Chiang Mai

There are 3 program options available which can comprise of various activities, such as sight-seeing, elephant shows and treks, as well as the opportunity to fly in a single-propeller plane that will take you over city regions of Chiang Mai.


There are many walking trails located throughout Chiang Mai, but perhaps some of the best trails are found in Doi Inthanon National Park. Here there are more than 360 bird species, as well as butterflies, wildlife, orchids and other distinct flora. The Army Pack Division Headquarters in Mae Rim District offers several activities, such as camping trips, horseback riding and basic jungle survival skills training.

Whitewater Rafting

There are two options available for whitewater rafting. The first travels from Mae Chaem through to Ob Luang George. The second option is a challenging route from Mae Tuen in Omkoi District, going through virgin forests and ends at the Pha Dam Waterfall.

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